Cheap Jeep TJs can easily be found for under $10,000 and converted into something cool and unique for not a lot of additional investment. And that’s exactly what Ian’s got in mind for this project. Once he’s made his purchase, he’ll start under the hood by repairing or replacing some common wear items, then move on to the braking system. With these tasks completed, he’ll go a little more extreme with some body protection and bumpers en route to making this TJ his own creation.


Not Actual Vehicle

Prospective Parts:

        • Paint
        • Suspension
        • Axles
        • Shocks
        • Gearing
        • Body Protection
        • Axle Brackets
        • Engine / Transmission Maintenance Items
        • Fluids
        • Spark Plugs
        • Bumpers
        • Brakes
        • Your Product