Today the guys have a 2007 Cadillac CTS in the shop that isn’t running but looks to be in decent shape… until they check under the hood. Turns out the engine’s knocking on death’s door, so they’ll diagnose it to see if it’s salvageable, and if not, they’ll need to replace it along with some other failed or failing parts. Can they get this American Luxury vehicle running and looking good once again?

Actual Vehicle

Prospective Parts:

    • Engine
    • Engine Harness and Computer
    • Engine Parts
    • Car Care/Paint Correction
    • Headlights OE replacement or Aftermarket 
    • Grill and other exterior accessories
    • Struts and Springs 
    • OE Replacement anything
    • OE Engine mounts and transmission crossmember
    • OE or Aftermarket CTS V Fans
    • Body Kit
    • Lowering Kit
    • Transmission
    • Front Belt Drive
    • Your Product