Season 4 comes to a “rocking” conclusion with Ian’s annual FourWheeler Adventure trek, as he and his Bomber Fab Tube Chassis truck tackle trails from mild to wild at “America’s Spa” in Hot Springs, Arkansas. During the Prohibition era, notorious gangsters like Lucky Luciano and Al Capone were drawn to the region by the water’s medicinal properties; here they could live like kings far away from the big city and continue their moonshine operations. Today, it’s a bustling city known for the nearby Hot Springs Off-Road Park featuring 1,242 acres of scenic overlooks and challenging trails with obstacles like Concrete Hill, Ultimate Adventure, and 4fingers. Some of Ian’s buddies will be along for the ride, and they’ll meet up with participants from the 17th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl event taking place in the Park at the same time. We’d love to have you join us!

Not Actual Vehicle

Prospective Parts:

        • Lights
        • Race Seats
        • Race Gear
        • Seat Belts
        • Winch
        • Radiator
        • Gauges
        • Rear Tire Straps
        • Steering Wheel
        • Buggy Whip Antenna
        • Radio Communications
        • Stereo System (Sound Bars)
        • CO2 Air System
        • Small Cooler (non-electric)
        • Recovery Products
        • Body Paneling
        • Spark Plug Engine Components
        • Your Product

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FourWheeler Adventure (2021)

It’s time for another Four Wheeler road trip. This time Ian takes the All Aluminum Defender on the Kentucky Adventure trail. He and group of buddies will find offroad parks, caves, and mountain climbs along the way and I’m sure they’ll be some road side repairs.