Much like everyone else, Kevin and Willie are tired of having to continuously tune and make changes to old carburetors. In the case of this ’81 Corvette, they set out to solve this problem once and for all by swapping the dated carburetor with modern fuel injection. They’ll also upgrade some of the gearing and engine internals to give it even more power and performance. Then, they’ll increase stopping power with new brakes and fix some other pressing issues to get this ride back on the road!

1981 Corvette_Lrg_SoldOut
Not Actual Vehicle

Prospective Parts:

    • Fuel Injection System
    • Fuel Injection Tank (with pump and sending unit in tank)
    • Fuel Lines
    • Upgraded Brakes
    • Crate Engine
    • Internal engine parts (rebuild kit, pistons, camshaft, aluminum heads, intake)
    • Electric headlight lifts
    • Rear differential upgrade or rebuild
    • Your Product